SoD Mythic Raiding Requirements, Rules, and Sign-ups

What this team is!
With Heroic SoD being on farm for the past couple of months and everyone trading everything they’re looting off of bosses, we’re going to be moving to Mythic for the remainder of the patch! We will be using Wed/Thurs as the main raid days for Mythic SoD and will be moving our Heroic run to Sunday’s. Although we may not be a CE guild, we still want to set rather strict requirements to raid mythic so that we respect the time of all raiders present. We also want to get started on this as soon as possible, to get some attempts in before the holidays start.

Rules and Requirements - Subject to change but are as follows:

  1. iLvl - 240+ w/ Dom Sockets

  2. MUST have a Domination Shard bonus active, and the shards used in those slots should be maxed.

  3. MUST be fully enchanted/gems that are appropriate for your class/spec.
    Bring all consumables. (Food, Flasks, Armor kits, oils/stones, dps/healing pots, augment runes and vantus runes at RLs request.)

  4. MUST have a rank 6, 262, legendary for each spec you plan to play.

  5. MUST meet the minimum DPS requirement - 7k Patchwork

  6. Viable off specs for Tanks/Healers with understanding that you may be swapped out for another mythic raider if fight requires it. (Whether for higher dps requirements or a class needed for a fight.)

  7. NO main swaps will be made. Pick a toon and stick with it.

  8. ALL raid rules from our Heroic raids still apply, if they are applicable. Heroic Rules!

  9. MUST do your raid homework (Knowing all mechanics and fights for your role. Do not come into Mythic raid not having an idea what to do.)

We will be using a Spreadsheet to handle most of the roster management, which can be viewed Here! You can sign-up from the spreadsheet (make sure to message a horde officer to notify us) or you can sign-up under the #wow-h-raid-sign-up-and-absence channel in Discord!

Please try and be patient with us as Mythic raiding is always a casual endeavor, but one we attempt to make as fair and successful as possible. We are not perfect, nor do we expect you to be either. We’re all here to have some fun, kill some bosses, and maybe get some lewts!