Star Wars: The Old Republic poll info

Evolved is attempting to grow into other MMO’s. It looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic
could be the next MMO to enter into our community. Looking to currently figure out how many people within our community play SWTOR, or are looking to play something different. Looks like there is a couple different ways to play SWTOR so check it out at the Free to Play vs Subscriber Info & Chart.

But what we would like from the members of Evolved is to figure out what server and faction people would like to play on.


  • Satele Shan
  • Star Forge
  • Don’t Matter

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  • Empire
  • Republic
  • Don’t Matter

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We do know that Legacy stuff may play a big factor for some people on how they vote. We dont know if it can be moved from server to server or if you would have to server transfer in order to keep your legacy stuff. If you have information on that please reply to this post.

Please keep in mind we will not be able to please everyone. Just remember that we are doing this to grow our community into different games.

Hey there. Quick note on the server selection stuff. I’ve been on and off this game for years and with all the merges and such, the bigger community is on Star Forge. Satele Shan isn’t “dead” by any means, but you’ll spend a good chunk of time waiting in queues there. The majority of end-game players all prefer Star Forge.

Huh, well okay, works for me. Guess I’ll have to restart anyway. The unfortunate part is most of my Cartel Market stuff is on Satele Shan and I highly doubt they’d transfer it over for me.

All of my stuff is on Satele Shan and yes cartel stuff will only transfer over if you pay for the account wide unlock. Also you Legacy is not the same on both servers and it does require a transfer which costs cartel coins or what not. If we decide to go to Satele Shan I can give everyone a link that should if they are returning give a 1 free character transfer if that is something they want. I believe they still have the refer a link thing. It gives some other stuff but honestly do not know or remember what it was. I always enjoyed PvP as well so anyone that wants to do some of that stuff would be welcome as well. The Empire did nothing wrong.

We could always do a faction for each server.


I am currently with the ESO guild but I also just returned to SWTOR for 6.0 after a year off. I have been playing since launch and have cleared almost all end game content both hm and nim as a tank and dps. So if this gets off the ground, I’d be very interested. I as well am on the Satele Shan server but I have a few tokens for toons I could cash in. Thks guys.

I would play in an Evolved SWTOR guild in a hot second. My toons are mostly on Star Forge, but I’ll reroll if the poll results dictate.

Yea lots of cool stuff with guilds as well, the conquest stuff as well as you can get a guild capital ship. I do have a couple of the strongholds unlocked so I can give a key to anyone that wants one as well so they have a place to go for auction house / bank stuff if they want. Just starting to re figure it all out. Looks like it could be some fun.

I’d be down to play some if we got something started, could even be convinced to start raiding if we get enough interest going.

Thinking it might be star forge and empire to start… I know it might not be what every one wants to hear but the higher pop server followed by what the Evolved poll for faction side seems to be a good stepping stone.

This is just the beginning of what might come of the next saga in evolved. With our ever growing community and hopefully some new members along the way maybe we can make a go of this.

Please remember to be active on discord and in one of the gaming channels. Once we gain more activity I’ll put the request in to get our own channel. If we start getting more new members I can put the request to get our own chapter section.

We will need to get a guild started to boost up the guild perks.

If any one has any more questions please feel free to ask. I am still learning so I might not be the best person… but it seems others have a better understanding.

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Please if your interested in joining swtor go and check out the new post…

Star Wars: The Old Republic - General Infomation

Cool hope you guys get it all up and running and that it works out. It is a fun game to mess around in.

Yeah seems to be going good thus far. Check out the other information post and hop on discord.

Rel was able to transfer his toon over for 1000 credits (About $10 USD) that had all of the stuff he wanted to come with it. Dont know if thats what you looking to do… but would love to have you over :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants some free stuff here is a referral link