Star Wars: The Old Republic

Hey, all! I’m wanting to establish a presence in The Old Republic. Republic or Imperial, it doesn’t really matter at this point. If you are interested, please comment here if you are interested in giving this a go. If you’re not sure, I’ve posted my referral code below. This will allow you to have 14 days of subscriber benefits along with a couple basic cosmetic and utility perks so you can make a decision. I have also posted a straw poll to see which faction to start with. If we gain enough traction we can explore starting up another faction as well. Thanks guys!

Referral code:


Awesome! Glad to see this getting started up, SWTOR has always had a special place in my heart.

I can’t commit full time, but I will join wherever you guys start up and do casual stuff :smiley:

Put me down as interested. I have six toons (Assassin tank, PT tank, and Op healer, and Republic mirror classes) on Star Forge.

While not quite a SWTOR-refugee, I’m definitely in the halfway house i the sense I mostly only log in twice a week to raid of late. And I’m contemplating giving that up shortly after the expansion drops in the fall, as the East Coast raiding times and a morning daycare constraint make me shuffle my work hours in a way that costs me time with my wife and baby before bedtime and exposes me to SoCal traffic on raid nights :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That’s actually the reason why I’ve been playing ESO and sought out this community.

That said, I’d be happy to help out with an Evolved chapter in SWTOR. Perhaps up to helping run events like the weekly ESO trial runs, if they are held on weekends.

I’m actually no longer seeking this at the moment. Life stuff came up and I’m too busy. However, if there are more that would like to see this get started, I wouldn’t mind helping it get started.