Stat Values Guide

To further help progression, I wanted to post a guide on how to help dps and healers maximize their stats to help get those extra dps and hps numbers.I’m aware that there are some addons that help with this, but understanding how it works helps when trying to maximize. In this guide I will use Restoration Shaman as a guide. All the values can be replaced with your classes stat weights.

What is Stat Weighting?
Stat Weighting allows you to give a weight value to attributes that matter to you and applies your ratings to items in your search results. Each weight value is multiplied by an item’s stat points and then added together to get the item’s total score. This score is used to sort the results and display the highest scoring items.
EX: (Mastery having a value of 3.08) Ring has 260 mastery so it’s stat weight is 800.8

Using Stat Weights
So we will use Resto Shaman Stat weights to Sim two different pieces of gear and find which one is better and why.
Intellect (7.58) >Crit (6.08) >Versatility (4.58) > Haste (3.08) = Mastery (3.08)
So in this example I will be using 2 different rings
Ring 1:
Ring 2:
In Most Cases People would take “Ring 2” Due to the higher item level. However let’s break it down and figure out which ring is really better using stat weights.

Ring 1 Breakdown
Int +268   Stat Weight: 268 * 7.58 = 2031.44
Vers +95   Stat Weight: 95 * 4.58 = 435.1
Mastery +103   Stat Weight: 103 * 3.08 = 317.24
Total Stat Weight: 2783.78

Ring 2 Breakdown
Crit +246   Stat Weight 246 * 6.08 = 1495.68
Mastery +292   Stat Weight 292 * 3.08 = 899.36
Total Stat Weight: 2395.04

So In Conclusion to the Comparisons, Ring 1 Was 388.74 Stat points greater than Ring 2. We saw that the int on the ring made a huge difference causing the ilvl425 ring to be better. This is why taking the higher item level item is not always the best option.

Addons To Help
Pawn Is a great addon that will help you with stat weights, you can enter in your weights manually or get a string. The only downside to Pawn is if your class requires a specific secondary stat rate that you can’t fall below, it will not help you with that.

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Great guide Riakuu! Thank you for putting that together. If you are unsure of your stay weights to use in these calculations, check your class Discord, reputable websites, or run simulations. Raidbots is a very simple tool that will help you to quantify these stat values used in gear value weighting.