Anyone in here get into Stellaris at all?

I’m not sure what that game is.

Kind of reminds me of Homeworld but looks to have a deeper system. I think Rummu has it not sure how often he plays. Make sure to join us in if you haven’t yet.
We are 27 members strong now and It will help you keep tabs one what folks are playing.

It is a grand strategy game, like Crusader Kings sort of like Civilization only quite a bit more in depth. Super into it, great game. I did go ahead and join the group for evolved on steam though.

Here is a hype video

It is definitely one of those games that takes a bit to learn and the learning curve is fairly steep. But it is worth it in the end. I mean you can be a race of omnipotent machines, borg, fanatical exterminators super friendly people or even a devouring swarm. That doesn’t even bring in the silly things like a MegaChurch, criminal syndicate, or someone who just wishes everyone left them alone.