Swim going on sabbatical

As you guys may or may not know, my company just had a new building go up. Our move date is March 18th. The week prior to this (March 11th) we will be packing up our current lab. We have multiple instruments to move and then validation/audits for our EPA methods. The new lab is also across town and I won’t have my 1-mile commute to work anymore. Due to this, I don’t know if I will be able to consistently make raid times other than Saturday. Once the validation process is finished, which will probably be around the end of the 2nd week of April my work schedule will be more definitive. On top of this my WoW subscription will be ending on March 8th. I will not be renewing the subscription until after everything settles down at work.

I will be effectively taking 4-5 weeks off from WoW. Until then I will be temporarily stepping down from my RL position. I am willing to resume RL position once things aren’t as crazy from me at work but I will more than likely have to change raid times and days.

Grumps raid goals will be to get AotC before March 8th. Come prepared.



See ya when you get back. Hope things go smooth.

Who will chastise me for slacking though!

Update: We found out today that our site doesn’t have water access. Apparently an oversight by either the building permits/construction company. Our case has to be taken to judge to see if our facility can be annexed by the county to obtain water access. We’re not how long this process will take which is super lame since we have already coordinated with our clients to have a minimal sample intake during our move dates.