Tank and healer looking for a new home

Hello there!

My friend and i are returning to BFA to prep for shadowlands. He is maining a resto shaman and I am on a prot pally. We raided a little with a guild when BFA started but we found it to be only the same 5-6 people showing up each time. That got tiring explaining the same thing to a new tank partner each session, and the guild soon fell apart. We havent really tried to raid in retail since then because of personal stuff coming up, but now were looking to get back into and find a long term home. I love tanking, and have basically zero desire to fill any other role. Not saying i wont ever dps/heal when needed for the group, but tanking is my one true love. I healed in classic (2019), tanked in cata, and dpsed in everything else. We have played Aion, WoW, Rift, swtor, Wildstar, Tera, FF14, black desert, and all of them together. My friend hasnt healed since his days in Wrath and TBC, but he is now returning to it and is looking to stick with it as well. The raiding schedule fits us quite well, and we are both super reliable with attendance. Also i was pointed here by Kalysta on reddit.

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Hey, I have healed since Wrath, just not in WoW. I healed in Rift, Aion, SWtoR, TERA. I main a healer in most MMOs. So it’s not like I’m out of practice :).

Hey there! We’ll be glad to have you guys! Since you’ve made accounts on the website which are approved already, you’re all set to get guild invites! Just whisper Aellice or Luntho in game, or any officer you see online. You also have access to our full discord right now. There should be a link to it on the main homepage of this website. You can either ask in General Chat if any horde officers are around to get you guys invites, or when you first log in, JedBot should message you with instructions on how to set your membership permissions, which will open up the whole discord to you. You can then ask in WoW-H chat if anyone is on to get you guys invites!

As for raiding, we ask that you read our raid rules which are linked under the horde section of this website and we can answer further questions from there. :slight_smile: