The Great Vault and You

The Great Vault and You

The Great Vault is the new upgraded version of the weekly chest coming in Shadowlands. There are a few changes to how this is going to work, and it will be good to go into the expansion with a basic understanding of what has changed and what has stayed the same. Wowhead has a great writeup on the Great Vault (, this is simply a way to try and break down how it will work in the most basic way.

First things first, the weekly chest we are all used to has, in essence, not been changed at all fundamentally. The Great Vault takes the current weekly chest and expands on the players ability to get the upgrade they are looking for!

How the Great Vault works:

  • You still only get to choose ONE item per week.
  • There are a total of 9 objectives you can complete per week, broken up by Raid, Mythic+, and PVP (3 objectives each).
  • Each objective you complete will give you an extra item to choose from, taken from that objectives activity.


As of writing this the current raid objectives are as follows:

  1. Defeat 3 raid bosses
  2. Defeat 7 raid bosses
  3. Defeat 10 raid bosses

The rewards do not simply go off of your highest level boss clear. Essentially it will go by the the difficulty of boss you completed for each objective. Basically, your third raid boss kill, your seventh raid boss kill, and your tenth raid boss kill.

Example: If you completed 8 heroic bosses and 5 normal bosses it would work like this.

H H H H H H H H N N N N N (H = heroic, N = normal)

In this example your 3rd raid boss and 7th raid boss would give heroic loot in the Great Vault, the 10th raid boss would give normal loot in the vault.


As of writing this, the current mythic+ objectives are as follows:

  1. Complete 1 mythic dungeon
  2. Complete 4 mythic dungeons
  3. Complete 10 mythic dungeons

Similarly to the raid objectives, you are essentially being rewarded for the key you completed to fulfill each objective. So your first highest key, your fourth highest key, and your tenth highest key will be used as the basis for your rewards.


As of writing this, the current PvP objectives are as follows:

  1. Earn 1250 Honor Points from rated PVP
  2. Earn 2500 Honor Points from rated PVP
  3. Earn 6250 Honor Points from rated PVP

Completing PvP objectives adds Rated PvP options to your pool (basically, PvP items).

Completed objectives:

As you complete objectives, they will show as unlocked when you view your Great Vault. If you hover your mouse over the completed objective, you will see a tooltip showing what item level will be rewarded in that spot come the weekly reset.

To reiterate a point from the beginning of the guide, completing all of the weekly objectives gives you more choices as to what you get for the week, you still only get ONE ITEM PER WEEK FROM THE GREAT VAULT.

Alternative Rewards:

If none of the rewards in your Great Vault are something you need or want, there is a choice of two alternative currencies that will be offered.


im still confused lol, maybe it wil be better once the expansion comes out lol