Third raid night addition , Fridays!

Hey y’all !

We had a lot of interest in providing a little more time to push through content at a little faster pace.

We had an officer meeting on Monday and have decided to open a poll and let the guild see what we are thinking.

We would like to add a THIRD raid day on Fridays while reducing the raid times back to TWO hours an evening.

So our new schedule would like like this–

Wed 8:30-10:30est
Thursday 8:30-10:30est
Friday 8:30-10:30est

This will allow us to get AOTC faster , people geared quicker , and have more fun raiding !

Now, when we DO achieve AOTC, and possibly get it down to a two night clear, we would have the opportunity to utilize that third day for harder content, such as MYTHIC SoD! (More details will be released at that time), carry AOTC runs for guildies , selling AOTC, doing achievements, or having fun events !!

Go ahead and vote Yay or Nay below, and we will make a decision based on the interest.

Thanks !

Friday Raid Day Addition
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