UI/Addon Question

Trying to get back into raiding after 10+ years has been a struggle for me and I realize that I am now the old guy asking tech questions. I was trying to figure out what people meant by odd vs. even in raid chat and I’m thinking it is because my UI lined up everyone in the raid in one column so the “groups” weren’t distinguishable on my screen and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be so there was no way I could tell what group I was in . Although I have grid I don’t have it turned on so i guess that was the default raid UI. Any advice on setting up your UI for raids? I was going to just search You-tube if things slow down at work today but didn’t know if anyone had any pointers?

there should be a number above your circular picture that tells you what group you are in. it should say group 4 for example. in that case you would be in even group.

In this picture here it shows the default wow ui listing the raid groups

the list on the left can be accessed by opening your social window (default “O”) then navigating to the raid tab at the bottom.