Vet Trials Group Introduction & Roster

Hey everyone! For those of you who haven’t met us yet we are @Adz5 and @piggync in game. We have been playing ESO for approximately way too long and are looking forward to sharing the experience gained during that time with all of you. We are very excited to announce that we will be starting up and leading a progression group through some of the Veteran Trials. The goal for this group is to give those who are interested, an environment to grow and challenge themselves as players, and to eventually bring these opportunities to all interested guildies. The first content that we will be taking on is Veteran Aetherian Archive.

We would like to emphasize that the rules and requirements we are implementing for this group are not intended to keep anyone interested from joining. If you’re interested and want help and/or advice getting your character up to speed, just reach out! We’re always happy to give advice, help with runs for gear, or anything else we can do. Keeping that in mind, please see the following rules and requirements that we are going to start with for this group.(edited)


#1 Be genuinely kind

#2 Help all guildies when you can

#3 Elitist attitudes or viewing yourself as above other guildies is something which will not be tolerated. We are all equal.

#4 Positivity is key

#5 If you are signed up, show up (and be on time)

#6 Give us your attention, focus, and effort for the duration of the raid

#7 Understand that this is a progression group, we are all working towards clears together even if some of us have cleared before

#8 Be willing to accept feedback both individually and as a group!



DPS: Must be able to post a parse of at least 25K+ dps on a target dummy. For this you may have someone else apply Major Breach/Fracture and have Shards/Orbs for resources, but otherwise be self buffed. This required DPS number may increase as we progress through harder and harder content. The addon Combat Metrics is good for this and there are target dummies in the guild house.

Tanks: Post a screenshot of build that shows with buffs you have at least 30K resis tances and health. Be working on assembling the following sets: Ebon Armory, Torug’s Pact, and Roar of Alkosh. Other group buffing sets may be acceptable as well. Have the “Crusher” Enchantment on a weapon on one of your weapon bars.

Healers: Post a screenshot of a build that shows with buffs you have at least 18K health, 25K Magicka and 2K Magicka Recovery. Have a destruction staff (preferably lightning) on their back bar with access to Elemental Drain and Wall of Elements. Have access to the Energy Orb skill in the Undaunted skill line. Be working on getting Olorime’s Vestments, Worm Cult, Infallible Mage, Mending, Earthgore, Bogdan the Nightflame, and be willing to do their best not just to keep the group alive but enhance group effectiveness overall.

If you do not meet these requirements, but are interested and would like some help/guidance, please come talk to us in discord or in game and we’ll be more than happy to provide assistance or advice. For parses and gear, please post screenshots in the proper discord channel.


Vet Trial Resources and Guides

Aetherian Archive Guide


Current Roster

Tank: Macabre

Healer 1: Grimmie

Healer 2: Adz5

DPS1: Piggync

DPS2: zachpin

DPS3: Kim


DPS5: zarocco26

DPS6: FateLinegod

DPS7: Navarril

DPS8: Fencerchild

DPS9/Tank2: Cerato

Backup Tank:

Backup Healer: OSF

Backup DPS:

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Happy to give a big congratulations to Evolved ESO for our first ever Veteran Trial clear! Great job to everyone who attended!