Vote for the MS Paint Contest Winner!

Hey everyone! Please take the time to vote for your favorite entry for the MS Contest that was earlier this month! All of these entries were created just using a basic paint program and everyone did a great job! Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry! I hope you all had fun doing it!

The rules are here for those that forgot! Contest: Show your MS Paint Skills!

The poll will close on Friday 9/27 at 6 pm PST! Remember to vote! The winner will receive a prize!

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Aww did mine not make the cut?

I was looking for yours, Grimmie! Probably an oversight.
Also, trying to make the picture big, I accidentally voted. Is there any way to reset mine? Thanks!

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I’m a simple person, I see potato, I vote potato.


oh I almost forgot. I did have another entry that wasn’t done using a basic photo program but using Photoshop instead. I wanted to include it for everyone to see since I think it was really well done. The person who created it agreed that it really shouldn’t compete against the others since Photoshop is a bit more advanced and they agreed to let me post it as well as include the little story I was told with the entry. I was super happy to hear that this little fun community contest helped one of our members with a bit of real life anxiety!

I wasn’t going to do anything for the contest, because I have a little graphic design experience. But I was having a rough anxiety day yesterday, and thought a not work-related project might help. And it did! I spent 3-4 happy hours drawing/coloring all the silly things that make me glad to be a resto druid!

That’s the real prize–getting through a bad anxiety jag, all while supporting the guild a bit! :heart:


Congratulations to @Markus_Eldritch for winning the MS Paint Contest! The winner will be receiving a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

Thanks to @Cataclysm @Brymir @Cerato @Julie @Rilid and @Wryndolyn for all taking the time to submit an entry to this contest. You all did an amazing job and it was so much fun seeing your entries!