Weekly Mythic Jaina

Hello everyone.

As many of you know, we attempted our first Mythic Jaina kill so we can begin getting the mount from her. Many of us were new to the fight; however, we did not get the kill through the two hours of our time with Jaina.

After our few hours, I joined another guild’s group attempting to progression the kill So they could begin getting the kill themselves, and within 30 minutes they had completed it with only two wipes. There were many factors that caused this, but the main ones were item level and raw DPS output by those in the group.

With that, we are temporarily implementing a higher ilvl requirement AND a DPS requirement.

We do want to continue to get the mount for anyone who is interested, and we will continue to do our best to get those who want the mount into the group; however, with the strategy we will be implementing, we are going to need to up the requirements for the initial tries to get the kill until those of us with the higher item levels can comfortably carry lower DPS.

That said, below are the requirements:

  • iLvl 455+
  • Gems and enchants
  • Watching/Understanding a strat video (will be posted at the end of this thread)

The final requirement is going to be a little different. We will be using data from normal and heroic raid logs to determine your damage output. We will be looking for the highest DPS available to us through our guild first. We will start with anyone who requests to join the group; however, if you are unable to pull a necessary amount of DPS required, we will need to remove you from the group until we are comfortable with carrying.

If you are interested in joining the mythic Jaina kills, please comment your item level and your in game name so I can search for logs data on your character.

Core Raid Group:
Kyarel: Confirmed mount
Zarare: Confirmed mount
Zaeii: Confirmed mount
Aellice: Confirmed mount
Severrine: Confirmed mount
Sketchie: Confirmed mount
Eskey: Confirmed mount
Marzxan: Confirmed mount
Merff: Confirmed mount
Sshamm: Confirmed mount
Jesterbear: Confirmed mount
Hipolove: Confirmed mount
Grimmie: Confirmed mount
Niicckk: Confirmed mount
Somefrost: Confirmed mount
Avillidan: Confirmed mount
Maevewinter: Confirmed mount

Non first-pull members:
Evolshandor: Confirmed mount
Sosad: Confirmed mount
Indicator: Confirmed mount
Aliandano: Confirmed mount
Spencemania: Confirmed mount

Zarare ilvl 477


Namendi - 451 - HPriest

sosad -470

Coouper ilvl 461

Aliadano - 469

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Dexters resto druid 457

I got the mount - Kawaiin Fire Mage

Baconsux - Veggie Bacon Resto Druid Needs it

Anatolux, ilvl 126 - post squish

Puggies - 104 ilvl Frost - Needs mount

Nattyhunt, 93 bm hunter- needs mount