Welcome new members!

Hello and welcome to Evolved!

If you’ve just joined and been approved on the forums, here’s the next steps to getting into the FC:

  1. Join our discord! https://discord.gg/eKD5sgFhxX
    When you join, our personal bot will give you instructions to get verified on the server.

  2. Ask for an FC invite!
    You can go about this by posting in the #ffxiv-chat channel in discord, PMing an officer in game, or applying to the FC in game. If you choose the in-game route, please keep in mind your forum username so we can verify your membership and get you invited.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Current (in FC) officer in game names:

@Markus_Eldritch Guild Leader
@Raille Executive Officer
@Ryvirs Recruiting Officer
@Sathris Officer

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Hello! I’m a fresh recruit, or so I believe… anyways, I tried joining the discord using the link above but it gave me an invalid link response? Is there a way I can still connect with the discord? :sweat_smile: