What's Your Favorite Game of 2018?

As the topic reads. Give title and short description why.

For me it is AstroBot for the Playstation VR. It made me feel like it was 1996 again and I was playing Mario 64 all over again–yep, it’s that good and that important.

It forces you to explore every bit of real estate. I found myself leaning all over the couch, trying to view just the smallest corner looking for the chameleon. I fell hard for the little Astrobot and his friends. I would dance along each time I finished a level. I honestly cannot remember enjoying every single aspect of a game since maybe I was a kid during the Genesis/SNES era.

When I first got into VR with the Vive, I hoped I would get something like this. It blows me away that the first VR game that truly made me feel something was on the PSVR.

Honorable Mentions: Dragon Quest 11, Monster Hunter World

Nine Parchments! From the makers of the Trine trilogy.

Casual enough for my wife. Simple enough for our seven year old. Challenging enough for me, the guy who has to use appropriate abilities versus enemy weaknesses, figure out boss fight mechanics, and basically carry the two noobs :laughing: through eight bosses and twenty five beautifully designed levels.

I have to say ESO. I loved WoW for years but after the last expansion, it felt too repetitive to me. So, I am enjoying the rich quests, voice acting, and beauty of ESO. It’s kind of nice exploring a game totally new to me.

I do wish Red Dead Redemption would come out for PC as I love westerns but don’t enjoy gaming on consoles.