Who is interested in COMMITTING to Mythic Raiding

Who is interested in committing to Mythic Raiding?
Mythic is no joke and will require twenty people in our guild to really come to together, be reliable and focus on the mechanics and strategies. It is no easy task to clear BoD mythic, so here is a list of things that I can think of, that the lucky 20 raiders would need to do in order for a Mythic raid team to be possible.

  1. Be committed:
    Mythic is about double (if not more) the difficulty of Heroic, and we will screw up, we will waste a lot of money on pre-pots, and we will wipe A TON. That being said, wiping 200 times on the same boss will be draining. Therefore, you must be willing to put in that level of work for the level of reward being recieved.

  2. Be Prepared, no exceptions:
    If you are not willing (or don’t have the time) to farm gold for two pre-pots per pull, flasks, enchants, and food, or any other requirements that leadership states, then you will not be able to raid. Know the fights, and know what is expected of you.

  3. Don’t take criticism personally and bring your best:
    Everyone screws up, but sometimes a raid member or officer will suggest that you change up what you are doing. This is not a personal attack, and it will need to be understood that they want the best for the raid. So if you are screwing up, own it, and fix it. No one will hold it against you.

  4. Be reliable:
    This isn’t a flex raid. Every raid night will require all twenty people to be online and ready to bring their “A” game. This goes back to the commitment part.

  5. Know your class/ change spec:
    Knowing your class inside and out is hands down the most important part of Mythic. You must be able to pull a consistent 20k DPS to down this content. That being said, you will need to know how to DPS optimally in high movement and hectic situations. Also, due to the unforgiving nature of Mythic, some people might be required to change specs.

These are all of the points I could think of. I would just like to know how many people are willing to do these five things to make a Mythic raid team possible. Thanks

Your friendly neighborhood mage,

im interested in mythic raiding i do have the experience as i got 2/9M on alliance
meaning i have experience on grong but killed jadefire