World of Warcraft Classic - Alliance PvE (Pagle Server)

Welcome everyone to our World of Warcraft Classic - Alliance PvE (Pagle Server)

Thank you for being here. We will try to progress as far as we can through the content hopefully working our way up to end game raids. We will group up and help each other out as best we can through Questing, Dungeons, but most of all just have a good time. For many this is going to be a walk down memory lane and it will be fun to experience this with new friends and old.

There will be many things most of us have forgotten that differ from retail WoW, or this may be the first time for some. There are some great resources to assist with this.

New Player Overview Great overview for new players written by Blizzard

Class Picking Guide Don’t know what to play? This is a good overview of all classes to help you choose what interests you the most

Classic Wowhead News/guides all things classic WoW

Classic DB This is a searchable database that will give you detailed item information on most anything in the game. How to get items, who drops it etc.

Will it Classic This is a good resource to see the list of addons currently supported. You may search as well to see if your favorite addon is supported

Base Stats Calculator Figure out what affect stats will have on your toon

Talent Calculator Talent calculator for all classes in Classic

Joana’s Leveling Guide Great step by step leveling guide to help you level quickly

Mob Levels by Zone Know what you are getting into or find the zone you should be at appropriate for your level

Profession Guides Leveling guide for main professions

Classic PvP System Overview Good guide going over the different phases of PvP release along with an overview of the classic PvP system/honor acquisition

This should be a good start in getting familiar with Classic. There are resources all over the internet. Being that the game has already released, most anything is already available as far as class guides, leveling guides, BiS item lists etc. If anyone has questions please feel free to post below or add additional resources as you see fit.

Feel free to bump our recruitment post so we can get more people into our great community.

This will be a fun adventure for us all and above anything I just want us to have a good time. Classic focuses more on accomplishing things as a group more so than most current games today. Remember to group up and help each other out. Looking forward to seeing you all out on the battlefield!



With there not being alot of interest in our Classic Alliance side of things. We regret to inform you all we are not actively going to recruit for this side of our community any more. We are going to remove this chat channel and be putting the information into our #gaming-announcements

If there are still players that are still gaming in the Classic side of WoW there is the Gaming party voice channels as well as we are still keeping the Tag so you can still find members with in our community to play with.

Myself and @Star (WoW-A) (RO) can invite into the Classic WoW Alliance side if people are interested. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

If anyone is interested in rebooting this side of our evolved gaming please get in contact with Cataclysm or Taevarth

Recruitment In order for our Classic Alliance game to prosper we need assistance in recruitment. Please if you all could go to the following website and post every now and again to keep our Community’s name on top of the list.

Classic once again seems to be getting more and more attention from within our community. The Pagle PvE server is where we started back playing again as alliance. If you are looking to join us hop down on discord in the gaming section as well as post in the discord gaming chat channel. We are always looking for more and more people.

But sadly there is a slight problem with the Pagle server. As of April 16th of 2020. Blizzard has announced the Lock down of the higher qued servers and put layering back on them. So this for what we hope the time being prevents any new accounts being made on the Pagle server. In the blue post they do say that…

Nonetheless, if the layered realms swell to fill this new capacity and stay that way, it will be very difficult to return to one layer later, so any layered realms must remain closed to transfers and new accounts. Ultimately, layering allows us to raise realm caps to address queues, but it won’t necessarily remove the queues entirely, and it’s a temporary solution. Still it’s the option we’re taking because our goal is to let more of the people who want to play WoW, play WoW.

So for anyone in our community looking to play that has not made a character on the Pagle server we are sorry. We hope soon they will have a better solution for allowing new accounts on the server.

We like the pagle server cause of the high population it has. According to realm pop website it is the largest PvE Alliance server out there which allows us to gain more and more new members.

The main reason we are working towards getting some level 60 Alliance toons is for a future project if the Burning Crusade Classic comes out. With the information they are gathering this could happen what we think is in a year to year and a half.