World of Warcraft Raiding Information

Raiding Information Overview

First and Foremost

Evolved is a family raiding community. This means that real life comes first above all else. Unlike other hardcore raiding guilds, Evolved endeavors to cater to everyone’s schedule so that everyone has an equal and fair chance to raid. This is done based on a player’s real life schedule vs. their availability for raids (i.e. can only raid on weekends), and whether said person sat out the last raid or not.

As a raider of your team you can expect a positive, resilient atmosphere, precise feedback, fight preparation, insight and resources into how to improve the many facets of your game, and a team to support you while we enjoy the process of individual and team progression. Which means we’re a collaborative group of raiders committed to challenging ourselves and supporting each other in the interest of the group’s long-term performance.

These Groups are looking for consistent raiders who want to progress at a solid pace through Normal and Heroic content, while clearing it without having to sacrifice as much time in their personal life worrying about ranking. We will try to accommodate “Family” and keep them together, but progression needs to come first.

We ask that you are understanding and selfless in the respect that if you are required to move to another group for a night, or when balancing raid teams, you are willing to do so without a fuss.

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Above All, Remember…

It’s not a perfect system by any means, but so far it’s the fairest one we’ve come up with. There is no select group of raiders, there is no minimum raid attendance to raid. The content may be tough. The tensions may get high. This is a game. The key is to remember we are all on the same team.

We will continue to update this post as information changes and let the raiders know. Also, please feel free to provide us with any feedback you may have!

Raid Rules & Etiquette

Raid Leader(s)

As with most raid guilds, we have a Raid Leader(s) or people who fill those shoes when the Raid Leader(s) is not present. This person(s) takes the time to research our targets prior to raid time. In addition to this, the Raid Leader(s) has a huge number of tasks to accomplish just prior to raid start in order to ensure that everyone is getting fair raid time.

Sometimes this may be beneficial to you as a player, and sometimes it won’t seem that way. Regardless you can bet that it’s being done fairly for the guild as a whole.

  • This person(s) has enough on their plate as it is. Prior to, and especially during a raid, do not send a whisper barrage to the Raid Leader with complaints, tactics, suggestions, or ideas.

  • If you feel that you absolutely KNOW that something is being done wrong, then send the Raid Assist or other officer in your raid a TELL with the info (skipping the Raid Leader of course). Otherwise, save it for after the raid.

Respect the Raid Leader(s)

It doesn’t matter if you like a particular Raid Leader or not, treat them with the respect that you would like him/her to treat you with. It is disrespectful, demoralizing, and just plain rude to backtalk or be belligerent to the Raid Leader during a raid.

This can, and most likely will, get you removed from the current raid. None of you would want to be treated this way if you were leading a raid, so we expect no one to treat anyone leading a raid this way!

Raid Leader Clause

The Raid Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict the Raid Rules. These decisions must never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the raid as a whole in mind. The Raid Leader also has the last word on all decisions concerning the Raid. All decisions made by the Raid Leader may be reviewed and/or over ruled by the Guild Leader or Executive Officer to ensure fairness to all members.

Sportsmanship Clause

Every accomplishment is an accomplishment for the guild. Every defeat is a defeat for the guild. We will NOT have infighting or bickering of any kind. If you are derogatory in any way to any person in the guild, on the other team, on your team, or not on a team at all, there will be consequences.

  • First offense is a warning.
  • Second offense is a week-long ban from raiding.
  • Third offense is a month-long ban from raiding.
  • Fourth offense is a total ban from raiding.

We don’t want to lose any of our raiders so be nice to people!

Tier Information

New Raid Tier

When a new raid tier comes upon us, these below rules are void. One week after the last LFR tier has been released, all rules will come into effect with no exceptions.

Most of the below rules will fall on New Recruits or Members looking to become Raiders

Normal Difficulty Raids

Normal raids consist of all raiders that meet the requirements laid out below. They must have basic knowledge of the mechanics pertaining to their Class and Spec. Joining a raid using LFR is a great tool to use to familiarize oneself with the boss fights and is highly recommended for new players.

  • Experience: LFR cleared
  • Minimum ilvl: 400

Heroic Difficulty Raids

Heroic raids will be for the raiders that can perform to the best of their abilities while understanding the mechanics of the encounter. They must have completed one full clear of normal and it must show on the World of Warcraft armory.

  • Experience: Normal cleared
  • Minimum ilvl: 413
  • 2-piece tier set required

12 weeks after raid tier release (Aberrus = July 25th) the following tier requirements change to:

- Minimum ilvl: 420
- 4-piece tier set required

Mythic Difficulty Raids

Mythic raids will be for the raiders that can perform to the best of their abilities while understanding the mechanics of the encounter. They must have completed one full clear of Heroic and it must show on the World of Warcraft Armory.

Mythic is not included in our Raid Goals for our main Raid Teams - this will be a separate sign-up and roster with additional rules that will be announced when and if we decide to enter a Mythic tier.

  • Experience: Heroic cleared
  • Minimum ilvl: 426/TBD
  • 4-piece tier set required

Open Night

Sundays we open up our raiding to all Members. Open night gives back to everyone that wants to see raiding, but is not ready to join our scheduled raids. We will attempt full clears while explaining boss fights. Please be aware that we may not always do a full clear - this will be dependent on raid composition. Open night is a more casual learning raid and typically is one difficulty below the current progression raid.

There are no sign ups, just show up prepared (ask if unsure). Open night still falls under all the rules, though top tier gems/enchants are not required; lower tier gems/enchants are expected.

  • Boss experience: LFR cleared preferred
  • Minimum ilvl: 374

Raid Loot System

First & Foremost

Raiding, as well as Loot Systems, has always been a source of drama. With the removal of personal loot and the move to Group Loot, we have had to adjust how loot will be handled with Evolved. We hope that we have created a fair system where every raider works to assist each other and their team. Each team needs the right gear to progress quickly. We ask that everyone keep that in mind while working through the content.

Our Loot System

The raid loot system is Group Loot. We will be using the addon RCLootCouncil to assist us with loot rolls and tracking. This addon is mandatory for all raiders.

You are allowed ONE Main Spec 1 win. Once you’ve won something using this roll, Main Spec 2+ should be used for any additional Main Spec rolls. Types of rolls are defined below.

Don’t be a loot hoarder. Strengthen your team, not just yourself. If you’ve won multiple items through Main Spec 2+ or Offspec, please pass the item to the next highest roll or pass on the item.

What Our Process Will Look Like

Loot will be rolled in between bosses, during trash.

  • Piece of loot pops up to roll on:
    • RCLootCouncil will autopass - except for the Loot Master. RCLootCouncil will automatically select Greed for the Loot Master. This allows everyone to loot w/o the chance to accidentally pick up a piece of loot and have to chase the LM down to trade.
    • The options to roll on non-tier loot, in order of priority, are: Main Spec 1, Main Spec 2+, Offspec, Transmog, Pass
      • Need 1 - used for first Main Spec Need or your Main Spec Need if you haven’t yet won anything with a Need roll yet.
      • Need 2+ - used for any Main Spec Need roll beyond your first Main Spec Need roll win
      • Offspec - used for offspec rolls. Please only initially (during progression) be rolling for ONE of your offspecs - just because a druid has 3 additional specs, doesn’t mean you should use this roll to gear all of them at once.
      • Transmog - Used for pretty outfit collecting.
      • Pass - don’t want it, pass on it.

Please be mindful to know your Class/Specs Best-in-Slot (BIS) list for raiding as well as dungeons/crafting. If you already have a dungeon or crafted gear BIS, it might be better than the Raiding BIS…

Tanks / Healers get priority on trinkets if DPS rolls accidently due to main stat group loot.

Tier Set Loot (Bonuses)

Tier is an exception from our Main Spec rules. You can still roll on tier if you have already won a MainSpec 1st roll

We would like all of our raiders to have a chance to acquire their Tier Set Piece Bonus but at the same time we would like to spread out the bonus, while making it fair for the raid team(s).

What Our Tier Set Loot Process Will Look Like

  • The options to roll on tier loot are: Tier(1,2,4), Tier(3), Tier(5), Transmog, Pass
    • Tier(1,2,4) - used for rolls on first, second or fourth piece of tier.
    • Tier(3) - used for rolls on third piece of tier.
    • Tier(5) - used for rolls on fifth piece of tier.
    • Transmog - Used for pretty outfit collecting.
    • Pass - don’t want it, pass on it.

We will be policing all of the above loot to the best of our abilities. Please also keep in mind the Catalyst system comes out 6 weeks after the raid starts - this in-game system will help people get their Tier Set Bonuses if they have been unsuccessful with raid loot.

Raid tiers with set pieces for Main Swaps

To prevent fights over tier loot - If you decide to switch mains, you will be ineligible to roll on tier loot for 3 weeks (unless no one else is rolling). It is more important to complete the 2 or 4-set tier bonus for those on their original mains to more quickly “power up” the team, than it is to gear a new main.

Bind On Equip (BOE)

BOE’s now drop off mini bosses once per week for the raid tier. More loot drops based on the size of the raid group. Since there is no Personal Loot we ask that all raiders just roll Need on the item. If you have won a BOE for the night we ask that you roll Greed for the remainder of the night so we can spread the love around.

You can do whatever you want with the item. We suggest selling it, but you can put it up for re-roll for someone to use it. The choice is yours. If it is rolled off to someone that will wear it, then the winner MUST equip the item. No shenanigans.

Applying to become a raider

Signing Up

All members that wish to become a raider must meet raid requirements at the time of the request - no exceptions. When applying for the Raid Roster it means that you have fully read and understand our Raid Rules. .

The request will be reviewed by the Raid Leader and Raid Assist for approval. If you sign up prior to meeting requirements, you will not be added to the roster and will need to sign up again in the same format once you do meet requirements.

  • Raiding Terminology:

    • One 'Raid Roster ’ of all Cross-Faction Raiders
    • Two 'Teams ’ (Tues/Fri/Sat and Weds/Thurs)
    • Balanced 'Squads ’ within each Team
  • Raid Leader(s) / Assist(s):

    • Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
      Drinkythangs, Isilaura, Mavis, Medd, & Staletela.

    • Wednesday & Thursday
      G3rt & Supergluu

  • Days & Time: We have two separate raid teams to choose from when applying to become a raider. Please choose the raid day team that best fits your schedule

    • Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 6 - 8 pm PST (9 - 11 EST).
      (Optional extra hour on Friday and Saturday)
    • Wednesday & Thursday at 9 - 11 pm EST (6 - 8 PST).
  • Raid Invites: Go out 15 minutes prior by the Raid Leader or Raid Assist of your assigned team and are posted in the Cross Faction Community.

    • If you are late to the raid, join the raid discord channel BEFORE joining the raid. Please be quiet and patient when coming into the Raid channel when a raid is already in progress. Pay attention to see if the raid is in the middle of a boss fight. Join up once the pull is over. We will get people into the raid as people show up.
  • Raid Roster: Don’t let the raid roster dictate what you sign up to raid with. Please play what you like, while performing to the best of your ability. We assign members to squad, while balancing it to the best of our abilities, to ensure all raiders get AOTC in a timely manner.

    • Though we do attempt to keep family together for balancing purposes we do make changes from time to time so that one squad is not leaps and bounds ahead of the other.
    • Tue-Fri-Sat & Wed-Thu Raid Roster

Raid Sign-ups are done on Discord in the appropriate channel as a ‘PIN’. Please pay attention and sign up in the appropriate format.

  • Main Raider: Signing up to become a raider means you can commit to all nights or specific nights of raiding with minimal attendance issues.

    • Yes, IRL comes first. Please be courteous and let us know when you are unable to attend.
  • Will Call: If you can’t make any of the raid nights consistently or only show up 1 night a month.

    • This just means if you are on and available, we might be able to get you in. Let the raid leader know if you’re available.
    • Keep in mind we will remove ‘Will Call’ Raiders for Main Raiders
      • Will Call raiders are not guaranteed a raid slot if there is no room.
  • Switching Mains: Should a Raider decide to switch their main raiding toon you can do so but only ONCE per raid tier, as raid is not the place to gear up all of the alts you play.

    • If you decide your main switch isn’t working out, after completing the current week’s raid, you may request to return to your previous main raiding toon the following week without penalty.
    • NO double dipping meaning going from Wed-Thu one week, then swapping to tue-fri-sat the next week with a different toon, then back again with a 3rd toon.
      • We do understand schedules change but we do consider this a main swap
  • Switching Specs: With how the loot rolls work we do know that members are going to be swapping specs based on certain fights. But you have signed up to raid that spec so you will be rolling on that spec.

    • We do allow TWO spec swaps in a tier, if a raider decides they are complete with their main spec or they are not liking/performing well.
    • We do suggest that you acquire off-spec gear by other means such as Mythic Plus or Crafting.

We want everyone to be able to play the role/spec they want, but since we are flexible with attendance while attempting to keep the raids balanced, it does mean that sometimes you may be playing your off-spec.

  • Examples: If 3 tanks on one squad, the 2 with the most consistent attendance will tank OR if 6 healers on a squad, but we only need 4, 2 will need to DPS (usually healers will roll-off to see who heals for the night - then maybe take turns on a following raid night if in the same situation).

All tanks and healers mains are required to maintain a viable DPS off-spec in the event of needing to downsize raids otherwise you might be asked to sit.


Please be advised that if you are going to be Late or Absent, use the appropriate Discord channel (#tues-fri-sat | signup_out OR #wed-thu | signup_out) to inform the raid leaders so we can better prepare our groups. We just need a quick call out and not a long winded call out.

  • Quick Call Out

    • Ex. @[Your Raid Leader/Assist Name] - Out tonight
    • Ex. @[Your Raid Leader/Assist Name] - Going to be late
  • Long Winded

    • Ex. @[Your Raid Leader/Assist Name] - Dude im out tonight cause my mother-in-law called me that her chickens have just hatched there first set of babies and the whole family is going over there for a potluck supper while we play board games and watch american idol but it really sucks cause my tire just blew out and when i went to look for my tire iron i realized i helped out this old lady 2 nights ago and i left it with her and forgot to get her number so its gone. Anyways good luck with the raid tonight.
  • In addition we do remove raiders off the raid roster if they have gone for 2 or more weeks of not raiding - whether they call-out or not. We check attendance via Warcraft Logs. (Want to raid again, just sign up again.)

Raider Rank

After signing up for raiding, the Raider rank (Raider) will be assigned to you. Coming prepared is important so that content can be cleared in a timely manner. This involves more than just showing up on time. It means you have read all of our raiding information and are showing up with all the requirements below:

  • Enchants: Chest, Wrist, Boot, Ring, Cloak and Weapon enchantments
  • Gems: Any available gem slot must have suitable gems equipped
  • Consumables: role specific potions, healing / mana potions, flasks, armor kits, and weapon items (oils or stones)
  • Boss mechanics: General understanding via the various informational sites out there for the raid tier and difficulty.

If showing up NOT prepared you will be unfortunately removed until you meet the requirements to raid.

  • The raid group WILL NOT wait which means you might miss out on a boss.
  • Please whisper the Raid Leader / Assist when you have prepared and they will get you in for the next attempt or next boss.

If you have issues logging on before the raid to get prepared, then planning a day or two ahead to have everything in place should be a high priority. If you need help with preparing for a raid or for raiding in general, please ask one of the officers or other raiders for help.

Losing the Raider Rank

All raiders are expected to satisfactorily perform the role they are bringing to the raid. You may be asked to step down and be replaced for the following reasons:

  • Being disrespectful to any other member.

  • Not keeping your gear up to date. Yes, real life comes first. You do need to make an effort to have the best gear available to you with the time you have in game. (Ex. Mythic Plus, Crafting or Pug Raiding missed bosses)

  • Constant latency or punctuality (Random AFKing / Disconnecting) issues

  • Rage quitting. We all get frustrated, either at the raid or real life issues, but don’t take it out on your team. Please remove yourself from the raid situation as your toxic nature could spill over to the rest of the raid.

  • Frequent inability to Stun/Silence/interrupt as the fight mechanics require.

  • Consistent attendance issues. Yes, real life comes first. We realize that. However, if you cannot commit to the schedule and are consistently absent, you affect the other 10+ people on your team. Do not sign up on the raid roster if you cannot commit to the schedule.

    • In addition we do remove raiders off the raid roster if they have gone 3 or more weeks of not raiding. (Want to raid again, just simply sign up again.)
    • The ‘Will Call’ roster might be the best course of raiding for you until you can commit to the scheduled days.
  • Performing inadequate DPS for your job with the minimum item level required by the content. We realize this is subjective and can cause drama; however, some content may require a certain level of damage to clear. This is not an instant-kick criteria, and there are many people in this guild that can help with rotations/macros. Please take advantage of this help!

  • Healers - Pulling inadequate healing (Not HPS). Failure to follow mechanics (Knowing when big hits are coming). Performing poorly for your class/spec. Please contact your fellow healers for more information.

  • Tank - Proper understanding of taunting, working with other tank to better understand bosses, having good raid awareness and knowing where adds are and if they’re attacking other members of the raid. Proper use of defensive cooldowns when harder hits are coming to aid in healing done on you.

All tanks and healers mains are required to maintain a viable DPS off-spec. If you don’t have an adequate DPS off-spec when the raid down-sizes or have an abundance of tanks/healers, you might be asked to sit.

Progression Bosses

Raid team(s) will progress through normal until all bosses are cleared. After that, the Raid Leader(s) will make a decision to put us into the next tier of difficulty or a day of Normal and a day of Heroic. Once the group(s) no longer need normal, all days will be heroic.

Every progression fight has the potential to cause a problem for any guild. A squad effort is required to kill bosses especially during progression. A handful of individuals cannot carry the group to success. There will be times where we will have to remove or add raiders based on their:

  • knowledge of mechanics pertaining to your class/spec such as DPS/dmg done, healing abilities, or tanking abilities.
  • Sometimes, the flex size of a raid may require shrinking the raid to better balance the challenge.

Please don’t take this to heart, we all want to have a successful raid.


Raiding requires a certain amount of commitment. Every member is expected to learn the boss mechanics. Repeated failure of mechanics will result in removal from a boss fight. We will address the situation(s) as they arise during both progression and farm.

  • We will always go for a minimum of three attempts on any bosses with all raiders before removing.
  • Respect the time of your raid squad members.
    • Please have the personal responsibility to remove yourself if you know you are not meeting expectations for a specific boss.


When learning new content it’s always harder to judge what level of DPS/Damage Done or Healing or Tanking that is needed to down a boss. For this we will be using various websites, guides, and our own learning to move forward.

  • With this in mind we will be removing underperforming raiders.
  • Get with your Raid leader after the raid as they will explain why you were removed

If you are being sat during raids due to underperforming please take the time to ask questions in regards to why you are being sat. There could be many different reasons as to why. Could be as simple as not using an ability enough, or you might not have ever used it because it’s not on your bar.

If you are removed please either remain in the channel, in case you are called back in, or log out in a calm manner.

After the Raid

This is the time when you ask/post the questions that you had in mind, restock your raid bags, and repair (if you won’t be on till the next raid). Take this time to get with the Raid Leader/Raid Leader Assistant or any other raider and discuss tactics and issues relating to your class/role in the raid if you wish. Most officers tend to hang around a little bit after a raid and are more than eager to help you with your issues/questions.

If you have any questions at all, get with the Raid Leader, Officers or other raiders as soon as possible during a non-raiding time. Everyone is willing to assist you.


When raiding with the guild there are some Required Addons that we want you to have in order to raid with us. We also have a list of some recommended addons that help you out as well as the raid leaders. There is also a whole list of useful links to better improve your personal performance as well as better understand the raids.

Required Addons

The following addons are required. Any raid member that does not have these addons will be removed from the raiding group until they have installed them.

  • Any Boss mod will do, we just require you to have one installed and updated.
  • Helpful addon for raiders, especially for raid leaders and officers.
    • Method Raid Tools
    • Weak Auras - certain fights may require a weak aura for specific mechanics. Your Raid Leader will say when this is required.
  • RCLootCouncil is required for all raiders. Version 3.6.0 Beta

Recommended Addons

Might not need these but they will assist you.

  • Provides an audible alert when you’re standing in something you’re not supposed to be standing in.
  • This allows raid leaders to track important items such as raid cooldowns as well as check gear, latency, repair status ect. Mostly phased out due to ERT.
  • Rotational addons help if you are struggling to get your button mashing just right. Practice always makes perfect so test on a training dummy.

Other Rules/Guidelines

Communications (Discord)

Mandatory, no exceptions. No Discord, you will be removed from the raid until you get on. We do not expect people to talk in Discord (unless a boss fight requires it), however being able to listen is a requirement.

  • While in the channel if your mic is on voice activation and it keeps queuing up you will be asked to adjust it or have to go PTT
    • If the disruption keeps going the Raid Leader / Assist or an officer might server mute you then DM you to let you know what’s going on.
  • While call outs from our raiders are nice from time to time please be courteous that our Raid Leaders / Assists have it under control.
    • You also might be asked to call out for that boss encounter.
  • When you die, we know you died. You don’t need to announce it (unless you’re being hollered at to do something and you’re dead and need to let the raid know).

Hearing Impaired Raider
In the event a person is hearing impaired, please let us know beforehand since you will be exempt from the above wording. You will still fall under all other rules.

Help us help you - while we might not be able to accommodate every request due to lack of experience/habit, we may be able to make adjustments

Suggestions for Gearing

We in no way, shape or form require this. It’s just a recommendation that all raiders attempt to do the following in order to better support the raid teams as we strive for success.

  • Complete 1 high (10+) Mythic Plus key for the week, as well as fill the rest up with other keys.
    • The Mythic Mingle is a great place to acquire this while making some new friends along the way.
  • Crafting pieces of loot that might be in your Best In Slot (BIS) - or reaching out to a crafter in guild to see what they need to make it for you (they are not required to do this for free).

Skipping Out Of Raid

Skipping out on raids to do other content, such as Mythic Plus dungeons, raiding with other guilds, or to do other forms of content, is frowned upon. You have signed up to raid on the scheduled days, as well as support our progression through the raid content.

We do understand, oftentimes, that people have a bad day or are not feeling up to raiding for personal reasons. We respect that. Use the appropriate channels to call out of the raid. If you are finding yourself routinely missing raids, we ask that you go to the ‘Will Call’ which gives you more flexibility and allows us to maintain balanced raid teams.

Burn Out

Raiders like to push themselves to the limit by gearing up multiple characters, which results in burning themselves out faster. That being said, even though we don’t have any sort of ruling in place, we do strongly recommend that you only raid with one character on one of the following set of days of Wed-Thu or Tue-Fri-Sat.

There are multiple other events throughout the week to fuel the need to play or gear out multiple characters, such as Open Raid on Sunday’s or Mythic Mingle nights.

Please don’t burn yourself out.


While we are able to pool raiders from between the Alliance (Proudmoore) and Horde (Area 52) we still ask that you contribute to whichever guild bank you are linked to when it comes to all raiding materials. Just like dropping a cauldron and we open up a guild bank in a raid for raiders to put one of their flasks in. Now we will open up an Alliance and Horde guild bank.


  • Real Life comes first, no minimum attendance to raid. But don’t overcommit - if you know you can’t commit, Will Call is the answer. Or attend Open Raids.

  • Respect your Raid Leader/Assist. Also, don’t barrage your RL or RA with whispers at raid start; they’re busy.

  • At the end of the day, a raid leader may deviate from these policies on a case by case basis. Raids can be high-pressured environments, and decisions are made as quickly as possible to keep a raid moving.

  • We raid either

    • Tuesday, Friday & Saturday at 6 - 8 pm PST OR
    • Wednesday & Thursday at 9 - 11 pm EST.
    • Raid Leader (or other officer) will post in cross faction chat that invites have started - whisper that person the word ‘invite’ and you will automatically be invited to the raid squad.
  • Invites go out 15min prior.

  • We progress through Normal then Heroic.

    • Mythic is NOT our focus but we may dabble after AOTC is achieved.
  • Group Loot is our loot system. Understand it.

  • Raider Rank - meet all raid requirements, sign up to be put on a roster, get the Raider rank in game. You may only have one toon at the Raider rank at a time.

    • Have good raid manners.
    • Be a good raid TEAM member, not a bad one.
    • Read the full post (again). Reach out to an officer if you still have questions.
  • Pull your weight in whatever class/role/spec you are playing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but have knowledge of what you should be doing before you sign up to be a raider. Raiding isn’t the environment to be taught how to play a toon. Improve, yes. Taught from bare bones, no.

  • Sometimes you might get removed from a raid - whether due to raid balance, under-performance, behavior, etc. - it might happen. Follow up with an officer after the raid if you don’t understand why you were removed.

    • All tanks and healers mains are required to maintain a viable DPS off-spec. If you don’t have an adequate DPS off-spec when the raid down-sizes or have an abundance of tanks / healers, you might be asked to sit.
  • You can switch your main raider toon once per progression tier with approval. You can switch back to your previous toon if your main toon switch did not work out.

    • We do sometimes allow Alts to come in once the raid is “on farm”, but if we ask you to switch to a main toon so we can kill bosses, do so without complaint.
  • You must be in the Discord raid channel to raid.

    • If hearing impaired please talk to the Raid Leader/Assist.
  • While raid attendance is not required, be courteous. Post in the #wed-thu | signup_out channel to let your Raid Leader know that you will be absent for a raid. If absent for 3 weeks consecutively, you’ll be removed from the roster. Sign up again when you get back.

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