WoW-A New Member Guide

Hello and welcome to the Evolved World of Warcraft - Proudmoore guild. FOR THE ALLIANCE!!! We know and understand that all of this might be new for you and we are here to help. Please take the time to check over all of the information in this WOW Alliance New Member Guide.

We are constantly updating information so please check Discord WoW-A-Announcements and the Pins in all the WoW-A channels regularly. If ever you have any questions or concerns or are confused please contact an Officer in the WoW Alliance Guild. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Board and Triumvirate.

General Information

  • Hello and Welcome!

    • A place where you can introduce yourself and find out about other members from around the WoW Alliance Guild
  • WoW-A Leadership

    • Come check out who’s in charge of what around here. If you have questions or concerns, these are the people to ask.
  • WoW-A Charter

    • Please take a minute to read this over, this is our what we do and why we do it. Our charter will have all the answers for you on our structure.

Raiding Information

Interested in raiding with us? This section of information should point you in the right direction.

  • Raid Rules & Etiquette

    • Find out the ins and outs of how we do our raids; From Raider rank, to Mains/Alts and Gear. Lengthy read but it covers everything you will need to know.
  • Raid Schedule and Tier Information

    • From Normal to Mythic, Main progression raid to Open Raids and what addon’s we use. This will explain it all for you
  • Raid Roster, Groups and Signups

    • Title says it all. This is where and how you sign up and what group you are placed in.

PvP Information

We will be update for Shadowlands. Right now this late into BFA there aren’t any scheduled pvp events going. If you would like to do some arena or bg’s, please feel free to contact @Taevarth at anytime!

Event Information

All other Information

Some extra information that can range from WoW to things around our community.


  • Q: Where do i find the raiding information?

    • A: All links are on WoW-A-Announcements as well in the Raid channel pins. Also go to WoW Alliance Raiding Forums and check out the side bar.
  • Q: Everyone talks about Pins. How do i check pins

    • A: Pins are located on discord in the upper right hand corner and it looks like a pin (Thumb tack). This is where that channels main information is stored to assist members.
  • Q: How do i contact an officer

    • A: Member list on discord. All officers will have there prefix next to them. For our guild it is WoW-A. Also you can do @WoW-A Officer in discord to @ mention them to get their attention. Or DM them directly for something more private.
  • Q: How do I get invited to the guild?

    • A: Many ways - 1. You can ask in #wow-a chat on Discord. Check the sidebar on Discord to see if any of us are showing as online. 2. You can do a /who Evolved in game and whisper any member to ask to direct you to an officer. 3. If an officer is not available, b/c we can’t always be - search the guild in the in-game guild finder. Apply there with your forum name and we’ll approve you as soon as we’re next online.
Application to Join (Kitronos)
Looking to join Evolved
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Application for Billybaloo
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Magnficat - Application to Join and/or Introduction
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Guild Membership Application
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Hello and Welcome!
Hello and Welcome!
Hello and Welcome!
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A refugee from a dying guild
Application to join :) (Solestis)
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