WoW Classic - Info and poll

Hello all!
Those of you who have been waiting for WoW Classic we got some exciting news today.

WoW classic goes live 8/27 (8/26 in US i believe)!

There is no box game that you need to buy. If you have an active sub to WoW you get classic.

There is an optional collectors box Blizz is releasing with the game that has some cool looking stuff (Ragnaros statue). Beta invites go out tomorrow (5/15) but it’s a closed beta and only select people will get invited. There are some stress tests that will be open to everyone that run from May through July at select times and you can opt in at the account management page.

Additional information can be found HERE

Collectors edition information HERE

Please cast your votes in the poll below. We would prefer to have 1 guild to keep everyone together and have an overall more active guild.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

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Additional information:
Classic Wowhead

Interview with Classic developers going over a lot of information on their plans so far.

Video from Method’s Youtube going over everything we know so far.

August 30th all weekend stream marathon of WoW Classic?


And you know it’ll be a drinking party when we make the tabard. We gotta kill a lot of boars for that money!

When they said “summer” they really meant the last freakin week of summer… nonetheless hype!!! I’ll be flexing the shaman if we go horde.

Yea bummer it’s the last week of summer but it will be here in no time. Some of the things Blizz is doing for Classic is pretty promising as far as the content releases and they have a unique implementation of “sharding” at launch. After launch sharding will not be a thing any longer in Classic per Ion apparently. I am getting this information from the classic streamers (tips out, Esfand etc.) who went and had an extended play session and got to ask the developers questions about Classic. Seems promising and like they are listening to the community so i have high hopes. Not sure how long the hype will last or how long Classic will keep me engaged but it will be fun none the less for a little while.

Undead mage time! Back to my roots! Man I’m excited!

ok, I will bite why a PVP server? I don’t like getting ganked when I’m trying to level a toon. If this is on a pvp server I think i wont join the guild in classic and I know a lot of people that think the same way. Not every one like pvp.

I am not really calling the shots here, just posting some info about Classic. There were many of us that had been discussing classic for a while now and decided that a majority of us wanted to play PvP and a lot of the fun that came from Classic involved PvP. You are free to play wherever you wish. Right now i think we are just trying to gauge interest in general.

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This is just a starting point to discuss and gauge what people might be interested in, hence the first poll to vote Horde or Alliance. Next might be PVE or PVP.

@time9870 there is no way for us to please everyone, so the best way is to open it for discussion and allow people to vote. So if it’s all said and done and the majority of people vote for a pvp server, instead of saying you won’t play and a lot of people won’t as well, you might want to gather interested parties to see if there’s enough to form another group.

sound to me like you guys have made up your mind…
I know you can’t please everyone but it is a concern that I have. Having leveled in classic before I tried a pvp server. 20 level in and I died to get ganked 7 times. I deleted the toon and started over. It effected my dislike of pvp ever since
I would gladly run a PvE guild on the classic servers.

i know there is talks about having a meeting in the up and coming future. Nothing is ever for sure.

The thoughts behind having one combine group is to bring our community together as a whole so that everyone can get to know each other.

Reason for going PvP is just to relive the past of how hard it was to do things. But also as a community it may be fun to do something like this.

Nothing is ever set in stone. Just nice to start getting some ideas and thoughts out on the table. That way when it comes time for a meeting or the game we as the Tri and Board can better understand how to go about seeing what the community would care too do.

We could have both of Alliance and Horde…
we could have also Pve and PvP

But if there is only 5 people in Horde PvP and 10 in Alliance pvp… then have 6 in Alliance PvE and 3 in Horde PvE then its really spread out thin.

We can never please everyone. But we try to please what the masses want to do. Thanks for your concerns @time9870

But it would also be nice to have some action in Both Horde and Alliance. Time will tell the only truth. Building a guild up is a lot of work.

I’d only be game if it was a pvp server

I fully understand where you guys are coming from. To a point, I can understand you want to try it. I honestly wonder how many of the players in this guild are classic babies? Pvp server was not like they are today or even in lk… It was savage…World PVP really died in bc… yes kill the faction leaders and some world battleground brought it back somewhat. When you have a 5 man dungeon that you need to do to start raiding and it takes 5 or 6 hours. long atunement questlines, all the while running into a pack of the other faction and one or the other camping so you cant res. raid group camping starting zones. What fully did me in, was a group of them camping goldshire.( rolled a human) and you can’t turn in the quest you just spent the better part of an hour doing. camped for 8 hours. and then did it again the next day

Yeah it sucks… I’m not going to lie. I dont know what’s going to fully happen… currently we just seeing who wants to play what faction.

We are also just making suggestions on maybe getting everyone together as a community to be in one big guild instead of spread out all over.

We will have a meeting in the coming weeks I’m sure of it. Thanks for all your concerns.

I’m pretty excited about classic! Planning on playing alliance on a PVE server.

I remember how tedious it was to level on a PvP server (those never ending Stv corpse runs), however at the time it was just me and one friend. I’m sure with the help of guildies it would be easier to get through the ganking.

I voted alliance here since that is where I started out in vanilla, but I’m honestly up for either side as long as I have friends to play with. Because my game time is as limited as it is, actually having people online at the same time is what I care about the most.

PvP in classic was half the experience for me. Having to sneak around or hope a Horde doesn’t attack added to excitement. And if you do get attacked then you hope there is a group that will come help you out or that is what your guild is for (hence why it makes sense to have people within Evolved not so spread out across different servers/factions). Sometimes you come out of the battle victorious and that was an awesome feeling. I remember big battles happening all because 1 or 2 people thought they were going to gank someone and all of a sudden people in the zone come over and next thing you know you got a big epic battle going on. That and after you get to endgame there is not much else to do but PvP honestly.

Without PvP there is no Southshore vs. Tauren Mill. Stranglethorn is just a normal jungle. So much of the experience for me comes from PvP and helped people work together. Just my thoughts. I can see both sides of it not saying anyone is wrong, just my point of view. I am sure its shaping up that we are going to have people on both sides of the fence. The only downside is the guild will be spread thin and will make doing things more difficult or people will be spending more time in the world channels recruiting for things is all.

I was in a guild that would assemble at least a 5 man party to deal with gankers on our lower leveled members in vanilla. Those were some of the best times. I remember fighting two mages out in Western Plaguelands and they would bait us into the lake by Scholomance where they would sheep us. At the time, a polymorphed toon would sink in the water and since Undead had the longer underwater breathing we’d end up drowning. Super frustrating but hilarious to think back on.

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