WoW Classic PVE Server Pagle

Hello everyone. Now that for the most part the pvp classic players are set, I am thinking about setting up a guild or squad on the classic PVE Server Pagle. Everyone is welcome to join us, whether you pvp or not. For those that do the hardcore pvp, who knows, you could use this as a place to wind down from killing the alliance, lol. So basically what this post is for is to find out how much interest there is and what faction we would like to be Alliance or Horde. Please Let me know here on the forums. I will make sure that the link for this is et up in discord as well. Thank you all for your interest.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

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Considering how limited my play time is I was hesitant to the pvp server (ganking and extra corpse runs aren’t really ideal for nap time leveling), and if this is going to be an option for more than a handful of us I will gladly play on a pve server. :slight_smile: I am fine playing either alliance or horde and just flipped a coin for this vote.

I’ve already got my toons set up on Pagle since most of my friends who are playing classic are going there anywho. (alliance side) They wanted to being on an EST server since ours was originally Central, and because the thought of the ubiquitous lonnnngggg arsed classic pvp server corpse run sounded as much fun as slamming ones hands into a car door. lol

I am probably going to end up going pve myself. As much as I would love to play with the group going on Whitemane, I just don’t know if I can bring myself to deal with the constant camping and ganking that occurs on a pvp server. I did that in vanilla, it wasn’t fun then and I don’t see it being fun now. Now that I am busier in real life, I just don’t think I have the time or patience for that anymore.

I personally would prefer to play Alliance since it would give us a group in both factions for our members to pick from! But I am not against going Horde if that is what we decide on.

Thank you all for your interest in the classic pve server. Unfortunately due to personal health issues at home, I will be unable to continue in this endeavor to create a PVE guild on Pagle for Evolved. Because of these issues I am taking a break from gaming. I apologize to those that were looking forward to creating this guild on Pagle.

Quick update: I will be setting up an Evolved guild on Pagle as Alliance for those that either don’t want to pvp or prefer to play Alliance. Just message me on Discord for a guild invite after I get it set up :slight_smile:

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