Wow Classic stress test

So I was lucky or unlucky to get into the stress test recently. And though I would report back on what I learned. It was a crazy 2 days. raid bosses getting dropped into the test server… large gnome runs around. So after the main testing took place I took it on my self to do some of my own testing. Only one server was up ( pvp) . I tested out 2 different classes (mage and priest) So a few things I learned about a classic:

  1. Little to no pvp took place so I can’t really comment on the pvp aspect of the game.
  2. Mana regen was slow. I would be at full mana. Kill 2 mobs( and have to mace or staff down the last 20% of his health) and have to heal and regen mana for like 2 to 4 min.
  3. Trash drops were insane. Most mobs had trash up the ying yang. Vendor gray and everything. Very little food and water dropped. Your bags will get filled up very fast. I was lucky on my mage to get 2 slot bags. but they still filled up fast. And you needed to vendor the item to buy food and water. So be prepared for a lot of back and forth to empty your bags.
  4. Leveling took time. Many many factors went into this. The number of people in the low-level area. The slow respond rate of mobs. ( very slow) Trying to get a tag off before a war dashed in on it. Where was I going? ( map was no help) After taking so long to finish the quest where was I suppose to turn in to Many quests I had to group up with other players to get things done. Took me 3 hours to get out of the human starting area and 2 the drawf ( less player)
    5 lack of gold. This was a major issue. With both the toon I tested. Buying food/water and training became a major chore. You have to do it but with the lack of food drop/ water drops. Suggest buying only what training you need at the start. Prest ( you don’t really need rank 2 of your heal but you do need shadow word pain ) So being smart with your money in the early game is key.

There is another stress test coming up on the 29( we get to level to 10) if there anything you guys want me to test out just say the word.