WoW Classic

Now that we know that WoW Classic will be part of our WoW subscription many have thought of playing it. What class will you play?

Nothing… seems like an awesome idea in theory, horrible in actual practice/play.

To each their own and enjoy!

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i wont be playing it…

I will probably goof around on Classic a bit, but I just don’t think I have the time or patience anymore for the the slow grind I know it will be.

I will probably recreate my first ever WoW character-my druid just for amusement though :slight_smile:

During the low times of the current expansion I’ll probably play even though I’ve ranted about not having interest. Warlock alliance side and shaman horde side for me! I don’t think I want to recreate my original dwarf paladin. Remembering 30 second buffs makes me cringe.

Xpac low times are for leveling alts or getting hordies setup. Just watching Preach show his warrior leveling made me cry

Yes, but think of the glory of all that vanilla grinding! Let’s cast those rank1 spells to conserve mana and get those bandages out!!

I will admit…i was messing around with my talent calculator setting up for combat swords (no mutilate yet :)) again…so the question will be Human or Orc

I am torn between an undead lock or a druid. We will see what happens between now and classic launch. Might just flip a coin :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way i will be playing in down times.

If you go Undead warlock, then I’m going Undead priest. If you go druid, I’ll go shaman.

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I remember classic all too well. Southshore pvp and tons of grinding. No thanks have fun me hearties.

My gosh Southshore! I loved the PvP there. I hope it is still as active as it once was. Looking forward to so many things in classic. Hopefully the world just seems more alive like it once was and there are people out everywhere. With no flying, and the world simply being much smaller without all the extra continents, I think the world will be alive again. That and the fact that there will hopefully be no sharding shortly after launch so you can actually recognize people on the server again. Many good aspects of classic, but yes, a grind none the less.

Been there done that. Caused me to sell my account and the hiatus from BC - Wrath… lol

I may drop in to experience

frostbolt… ad infinitim

once again but won’t be doing it for long

I will be most likely making a Mage or a priest for classic, mage would be something different for me

I won’t be playing … I leveled in vanilla and I really don’t want to go through the grind again .

My first toon was a frost mage… ( no one was frost back in the day) i started at the tend of val… and going to do that again. frost mage all the way .

FYI, I will be going full on Classic and rarely, if ever playing the current xpac(s). I don’t see any guild plans for Classic but if there were plans I would gladly join in.

If going horde I will go Orc or Tauren Warrior

I really hadn’t intended to play Classic, but I am most definitely now intrigued. If we have a guild wing going for either faction, I’m definitely going to roll a toon and see if it scratches the itch. I mained an Undead Priest back in my Classic raiding days, but were we to open a guild up, I’d be fine with either faction.