WoW-H Evolved Lottery

WoW-H Evolved Lottery:

This is the official discussion page of the WoW-H in game lottery! All times mentioned in this thread are referring to server time, or EST/EDT time.

90% of profits will go to the winner, and 10% of profits will go to the guild bank to fund future guild events!

Current Lottery Week: June 4th - June 10th

Total Value: 30,000 gold
Player slice: 27,000 gold
Guild slice: 3,000 gold


Ãmelìa: 2 entries (5,000 gold)
Aellice: 2 entries (5,000 gold)
Zaeii: 4 entries (10,000 gold)
Kyarel: 4 entries (10,000 gold)

Lottery Rules and Guidelines:

  • 1 entry is 2.5K gold
  • Maximum of 10 entries (total of 25K gold) across all characters
  • Weekly drawing will happen Wednesdays at 8:00pm live through Discord
  • Entries are submitted between 12:01am Thursday - 7:30pm Wednesday
  • In your entry, be sure to include the following:
    • Your main’s character name / Discord Name
    • The amount of times you are entering
    • Entry money attached

To submit your entries, please send them to *Evolvedlotto* in game. A confirmation will be sent to your in game mail and it will be updated on the forum for the current lottery.

The forum will be updated with the current week’s entries as well as previous winners. If you do not see either form of confirmation within 48 hours of submitting your entry in game, please reach out to Kyarel on discord!


Winner of June 3 through June 10th: Aellice (78,750 gold).

Winner of June 10th through June 17th: Zaeii (27,000 gold)

Winner of June 17th to June 24th: Waylund (112,500 gold)