WoW-H Guild Ranking System

Ranking System
Besides the official WoW-H Charter this is the Ranking system for more detailed information on whos in charge and what they do.

Guild Leader (Cataclysm)
The Guild Leader is responsible for his/her Guild and all that pertains to Evolved in WoW Horde (Area 52). It is the Guild Leader’s responsibility to set in-game and out of game (if necessary) goals for the Guild to provide the proper direction and course for Evolved. The Guild Leader has the final say so on all things pertaining to the workings of the Guild and its membership.

At any time the Guild Leader may assume the responsibilities of any other Officer position within the Guild if necessary and can override any decision made by another officer if it is deemed to be detrimental to the Guild. As an extension of the overall Evolved Community (Evolved Gaming), the Guild Leader is expected to operate and make all decisions with the betterment of Evolved as a whole in mind.

Executive Officer (Allieya)
The Executive Officer is a direct extension of the Guild Leader and only answers to the Guild Leader. The Executive Officer is in complete charge of the guild whenever the Guild Leader is not present and has the Guild Leader’s authority to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the Guild if needed. As with the Guild Leader, the Executive Officer can assume other officer positions if needed. The Executive Officer can override another Officer’s decision (with the exception of the Guild Leader) if deemed necessary.

Recruiting Officer (Weeman)
The Recruitment Officer is ultimately responsible for the growth of Evolved and all matters pertaining to recruitment within Evolved. He/she will develop strategies to grow our membership. It is the Recruitment Officer’s responsibility to introduce new members into the Guild.

As with the Guild Leader and Executive Officer, the Recruitment Officer can assume other officer positions if needed. The Recruitment Officer can override another Officer’s decision (with the exception of the Guild Leader or Executive Officer) if deemed necessary.

Officers are directly responsible for specific tasks within the guild itself and for miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Guild Leader or other officers. Officers are appointed by the Guild Leader as well as the rest of the Officers. All officers also assist in all other areas of officer duties as well.

Raid Leader (Raille)

  1. Research New Raids/Bosses from all angles dps/tank/healer roles for different strategies depending on make-up of said raid group.

  2. Go over raid strategies with Officers / other Raid Leaders to help define each role’s place and to have all leaders on the same page before even setting foot in new raid.

  3. Once entering the raid instance, keep all members on pace and focus on the tasks at hand.

  4. When at the boss and prior to engaging, set marks/groups up and then go over the strategy with all raid members using other role leads (people good at what they do) to help clarify and explain roles within that Raid Leaders purview.

  5. Assign raiders tasks such as calling things, interrupts, etc.

  6. After each raid, review performance using Warcraft logs to determine what may be done to improve the strategy or player’s roles as needed.

  7. Work with the Raid Assistant to create and manage raid rosters.

  8. Assembling the raid team in a timely manner.

  9. Ensuring that the current GL/XO/RO are aware of any problems/obstacles so that they may provide assistance when needed

Raid Assistant (TBD)
This officer is to work with the Raid Leader(s) and assist with the creation of, and management of the raid rosters. They will assist in the removal of raiders from raids and chatting with raiders after or on off nights about their performances (Good and Bad) with the Raid Leaders and answer questions.

Raid Roster Assistant MUST do the following:

If raider meets requirements

  • Added to WoW Audit Roster
  • Added to Spreedsheet
  • Marked Via Discord with Emoji

New raider is whispered

  • Added to team
  • Added to waitlist
  • Swapped team (Raid Compositions / Balancing)
  • Removed from team
  • Doesn’t meet requirements
  1. Help the RL/XO/GL make a balanced roster(s) so both teams with be on similar progression. (There will not always be 2 teams.)

  2. Check ALL raiders to make sure they are fully enchanted/Gemmed prior to the 1st pull of the night. If they are not, send them a whisper and let them know to get it handled beforehand or they will removed from the group until they fix it.

  • If they are being difficult, let the GL, XO, or RL know and they will be benched for the night.
  1. Handle loot being rolled off so the RL can go ahead and start moving towards the next encounter. This is done by using the WeakAura RaidLootRoller.

  2. Place Feasts/Cauldrons for the raid. If you are not able to craft a Cauldron, requires Alchemy, ask in O-Chat if anyone can first, then ask someone who is trusted to make them.

  3. Clean the #raid-sign-up-and-absence tab at the end of every raid week.

Events Officer TBD
The purpose of the Events Officer is to ensure and attempt to create events that will pertain to PvE content such as Dungeons, Raids and Achievements for the members and the guild. The Events officer will also send out invitations for our Mythic Monday event! The Events Officer may also create interactive events for members in-game, on Discord, and on the Evolved forums to foster member engagement in the Horde guild.

Recruitment Assistant Trixie
The Recruitment Assistant is responsible for the growth of Evolved and all matters pertaining to recruitment within Evolved. He/she will develop strategies to grow our membership. Working with the Recruitment Officer.

Logistics Officer TBD
The Logistics Officer manages the in-game Guild bank - keeping it profitable for guild repairs, and keeping it stocked with raiding and M+ resources appropriate to the tier. Also responsible for running the lottery for the guild.

Other Officer roles can be made as deemed necessary by the needs of the guild.