WoW-H Guild Rebuild Meeting Notes 12/16/21

As the meeting did not have a true structure, I’ll try to summarize the meeting Wednesday night and what went down on Tuesday.

The meeting:

  1. We gave a breakdown of what happened on Tuesday.
  2. We gave the information that we had available on why it happened.
  3. The question was asked: What are we, as the Board/Tri, going to do to prevent this from happening in the future:
  • Gave out the idea of a Board Member holding the Guild Master position to control ownership of a guild more concretely. Guild Leader would be the second position in the guild and they would run the overall day to day as usual.
  • To improve communication, we said that we could possibly create a HR position on the Board to help direct the flow of communication. If a question was asked to this person, it would be brought before the entire Tri/Board team to discuss (if appropriate) and to send back a cohesive answer. Or to schedule meetings where items could be discussed with more than one member of the Evolved Leadership.
  • A suggestion box type channel was suggested by a member. We pointed to the suggestion/feedback category we have on the forums. But said that we could look into it, maybe utilizing the Threads feature of Discord. Probably would need to have an anonymous function as well.
  1. There were a lot of hostile, unproductive comments.
  2. Members asked why posts had been deleted - the Leadership answered that we thought it was automatic when a member was banned or left the server. We would like to correct this now: If you are clicking through the ban function, there is a drop-down that defaults to deletion of the last 24 hours. We did not realize this was the case until looking at it after the meeting.
  3. Why was Grimmie’s post deleted? We answered that it was deleted b/c she left the server. Correction: We deleted it because it could be categorized as “shit posting”. It was neither helpful nor a peaceful departure, and seemed to be done with malicious intent. We have a copy of it.
  4. A few of the members that attended that were being combative were removed and/or banned.
  • Erq was banned. Most of his questions were hostile - but we allowed him to stay and participate until he started attacking another member via voice while they were explaining their point of view. When asked why or if he had any intention of staying in Evolved, he admitted he did not. He was banned.

  • Shortly after, Aden started to speak up and admit he had no intention of staying and that he was actually streaming the meeting to 30+ members of the “new” guild Salinity. He was banned.

  • Hijak was getting irate and told another member to shut up b/c he didn’t know what he was talking about. After being asked to calm down, he removed himself from the server. He was banned.

  1. Erq or Aden (I don’t remember, rough night) had mentioned (prior to them getting banned) that “we wouldn’t be Evolved Gaming” or that “We wouldn’t be able to have the Evolved Gaming name” - something like that.
  2. Cata went to go make the new guild. 2 toons were standing near the guild creation npc, one with “Evolved Gaming” as their guild name and one with “Evolved Gaming LLC”. A few others were standing around with the Salinity tags.
  3. Cata flew away to find a safe space for the new charter to be signed. Various Evolved members helped us get the signatures we needed to create the guild under “Evolved Community”.
  4. We started inviting Horde members that were online into the new guild.
  5. Cata bought the bank tabs and set up the permissions, rankings, etc for the new guild.
  6. Meeting trickled off with plans to contact those that have expressed interest in helping rebuild.

What happened on Tuesday?

On Tuesday, Cowgonewild kicked the board members out of the guild, and gave control of the guild back to Eskey. Eskey paid to have the guild name changed from Evolved Gaming to Salinity. During the name change a message was posted a message in the in-game Message of the Day that due to disagreements with the higher ups of Evolved, they had decided to split from the community, along with a link to their new Discord server. Sometime during this, Cowgonewild in-game mailed 100k back to Cata (that Cata had donated as a prize) with a message

TLDR: Everyone I play with on horde said they were wanting to leave the guild and I didn’t think that it would be possible to rebuild the guild from losing 15-20 raiders. I know it’s not much but I did send the 100k you sent me for one of the events.

We thought it made more sense to just rename the guild and move on rather than take everything and move it over to a new guild.

Why did they do it?

We don’t really know, but we’re trying to piece it together. We have found that a group of members, including the officers, were unhappy. It was not voiced. Due to these unvoiced issues and general unhappiness building up, the decision was made to leave and to steal the guild.

Cata and Eskey usually had a direct personal line of communication, but Eskey was not limited to only communicating with one person. If there were issues in what Cata communicated or how it was communicated, no one else on the Evolved Leadership was ever approached for a discussion/validation/casual chat/etc. about any of the issues or problems that led to the unhappiness.

Some of the various information we’ve received:

  • We’ve been told that Eskey had openly accused Cata of stealing his gold to various members.

Explained: During the discussions between Eskey and the Evolved Leadership pertaining to his step down from Guild Leader, he said he was going to take the 200/300k of his money out of the guild bank. The Leadership said no - if it’s in the guild bank, it’s the guild’s money. He said he’d placed it there for safekeeping. The Leadership still said no - the guild is not your personal piggy bank.

  • We have been told that we were too rigid and didn’t allow any changes to the guild.

This is false. All we ever offered was advice. Guild Leaders and their teams have the ability to create whatever type of guild they’d like, as long as it doesn’t violate the overall Evolved Charter. They can change raid days, they can change the level of content they want to focus, they can change their recruitment strategies, do Mythic, etc.

Some example of the advice that was/would have been offered:

  • If you’re going to change your raid days, you should probably do a poll to your current raiders and see who can make the new days. When you recruit with certain days advertised, most people join b/c of the days you currently raid.
  • When doing Mythic, need to think about the current goals and raiding skills in the guild realistically. When advertising as a casual AOTC guild, you may only have a team that is able to kill the first 3-6 bosses (depends on a raid tier and the difficulty of the fights.)

If you have any questions, contact Star, Cata, Raille or myself.