WoW veteran wishes to join

I have been playing WoW since Vanilla, with a break during WoD and MoP. I returned to the game during Legion and joined a social guild while raiding with WoW multi-server Communities. Upon launch of Classic, almost the entire social guild had migrated to there, which left the Retail guild quiet and sparsely populated.

Upon watching the update on the new upcoming content, I was excited to return to retail and would like to join an active guild to enjoy it with. I still plan to play Classic as well, bouncing back and forth between the two, as I enjoy both for different reasons.

I did join the Discord channel, my character name is Delbi, the same as my Discord one.

Thank you for considering me !


Hello! Welcome to Evolved! If you aren’t already in the guild, just hop on Discord and see if an officer is around to get you a ginvite :slight_smile: I am usually available most days long enough to jump in game for an invite!
I know I am super excited about 8.3 content and can’t wait to get to see what is in store for us next!

Look forward to getting to know you more! Welcome again to our community :smiley:

Welcome to Evolved, hope you’ve found us in game, but if not feel free to shoot me a message!