Year 2 History

Year 2

Evolved is happy to celebrate 2 years! Many of us have been gaming together much longer though, over 7 years! No matter what anniversary we are celebrating, its the intention that matter. We are celebrating US: family, friends, bros who all love gaming with each other!

The 2019 - 2020 year was tumultuous, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. Evolved, across the board, experienced tremendous growth. FFXIV, run by Trekkie, has grown to a sizable free company (guild) that has its own beautiful guildhall and fun members who have been enjoying the Shadowbringers expansion. WoW- A, led by Isilaura, continues to raid with 2 teams. WoW-H, led by Severinne, has seen much growth in membership since its establishment last year and also continues to raid late in the expansion. Both WoW guilds look forward to the Shadowlands expansion that is due to come out by the end of 2020. Growth is good, however, its does not always work as intended. We had a setback, or learning experience with ESO, in that with all the other growth we incurred it was too difficult to find solid leadership to support the unique needs within the ESO community. We do hope one day that we can develop more guilds within our community with other games like ESO, Guild Wars2, BDO, etc. So if anyone should be interested in that, please reach out to the board or tri!

Growth also continued with a lot of the ‘side games’ that we play too! This is awesome because one of the main goals of Evolved is to keep our members gaming together, no matter what the game is! Of course popularity fluctuates in tide with our interests but we continue to see people play Overwatch, CoD, Diablo, Minecraft, Valorant, Destiny 2, etc. Another fun thing that started this year was participating in Jack Box games hosted by DJ and Cards Against Humanity and Trivia hosted by Star. The events themselves are hilarious, but it’s truly amazing to see members across many different games get together to have fun.

The 2020 Get Together was planned for the end May in Orlando, unfortunately to be canceled due to the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was saddening for many, but we hope to revisit the idea of a Florida get together for 2021 if safe from Covid-19.

I interviewed members in Discord about some of their favorite memories from the past year, and here is what was shared:

Rillid (FFXIV): My best has to be our first free company clear of E1-E8 in FFXIV. Lots of laughs from everyone involved.

Raille (WoW-A) I do like going into bird form so someone clicks on it and rides me. THEN fly to the ceiling and transform in and out. (apparently guildee murder is good)

Grimmie (WoW-H) - While mount/mog farming, I accidentally trashed my weapon and off hand … was only able to recover the weapon. Thankfully guildies felt bad for me and ran through several mythic +s, no luck. A month later, many runs of many things later; I still can’t get an off hand to drop for me. So it was a bad thing that happened - but awesome people tried to help me! (but the game still cursed me).

Glimmer (WoW-A) Killing so many people with troll portals!. But you should always use your friendly mage transportation service. There’s a 78% positive rating on yelp.

Jin (FFXIV) I think my favorite Evolved moment was our first clear of the edens. Fairly sure that was the first time we actually had a lot of people get together and work together towards getting clears. Of course it was full of tons of laughs and jokes, and I think really showed just how awesome Evolved is as a gaming community; being able to turn things that could normally be stressful into suuuuuch amazing fun

Raille (WoW-A) Consistently telling people to not interrupt Jaina and take it off your bars to be the one to interrupt her.

Markus (FFXIV) My favorite would probably be when we did the Eden raids as well, first time seeing 8 members work together on something.

Xenellia (WoW-A)Everytime we get to the trash in front of carapace and people try to murder their friends…

Rummu (WoW-A) Watching drunken @Swim (WoW-A) (XO) chase a shaman around a pole for almost the entirety of a BG, just to leave the shaman alone then as soon as they ran by he pitbulled right back to it. ‘Stay on target, staay on targett!’

Isilaura (WoW-A) We ran the LFR BoD, but were doing everything wrong. All trash at once, skipping mechanics. Like we were all on a single boat for Leviathan, purposely trying to wipe ourselves, etc… Some people were less amused by our antics than others.It was almost a full guild group, except for a few. There was no containing the silliness. But yes, there was definitely drinking involved. And it wasn’t originally scheduled to be a “troll” run. Was really to get people Azerite. It just ran away with itself.

Jin (FFXIV) Also becoming the FC’s (un)official photographer is so fun for me

Glimmer (WoW-A) Saturday Night Achievement runs

Rillid (FFXIV) Mine has to be our Eden clears as a full 8-man group as well. Specifically the first one, when somewhere around 10-15 other people showed up just to watch Red’s livestream of us doing it and hang out with everyone. So many laughs and lessons learned. Really great time overall.that was the first time i’ve been in a discord call with that many people and normally i get really nervous and things, but these guys did such an awesome job of making me feel included and like i was part of this group for a long time.

Raille (WoW-A) Making people think Steelheart was joining us in Wow :stuck_out_tongue: During our officer shake up. When Cata stepped back, Tae created a Steelheart character in wow for me to ginvite and troll the long time members; still fun to mess with everyone briefly.

Thanks for the fun year all!

<3 Grim