Zone Clear Event time poll

As you all know the over land zone clear won the event poll the time I have slotted for it is 8:30 pm est on a Wednesday and that is fine for now but it may run a bit late for me in the future. Are you guys able to start it earlier then 8:30 pm, if so what time?

  • 7 est/6 cst/5 mst/4 pst
  • 7:30 est/6:30 cst/5:30 mst/4:30 pst
  • 8 est/7 cst/6 mst/5 pst
  • leave the time as it is

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The poll will remain open for 2 weeks closing on March 5th.

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I put leave it the same since I am est and I felt it would be better for the other time, but I can really do any of them.